Should You Fix Your Old Car's Windshield?

You have an older car with a cracked or broken windshield. You don't want to put much money into your older vehicle, but you also don't want to drive around with a compromised windshield. Is the windshield worth fixing? Use this guide to help you, and your auto detailer or mechanic will give you an estimate for how much your costs will be. Your crack or chip is large A large crack or chip, particularly one that blocks your main line of vision, can be dangerous.

2 Important Things To Look For When Hiring Someone To Repair Your Work Truck

You rely on your work truck to keep you on the road every day, which is why it's important to make sure you know exactly who works on it whenever it needs a tune-up or repairs. Sure, having your neighbor do the work might save you some money. But just because they've worked on their own cars before doesn't mean that they have the experience and knowledge that a professional does.

3 Reasons To Have Your Work Truck Painted White

If you're going to be having your work truck painted, such as if it's in the shop for auto collision repair anyway or if you have noticed that the paint job is really starting to wear out, you might be looking at your color choices and trying to make up your mind. You can have your truck painted in pretty much any color that you can think of, but of all of the colors, white is often the best choice for work trucks.

Fixing Chipped Car Paint By Yourself

It's so easy for the paint job on a car to become chipped. A stone gets kicked up and dings your vehicle. Someone opens their car door into yours. No matter how it happens, a paint chip is a bigger deal than it may seem at the time. What starts as a small chip can eventually grow to a large patching of missing paint and rusted metal. Shops that offer auto body services are happy to repair chipped paint, but in minor cases, you can often repair the chip yourself given enough time, patience, and the right materials.

4 Things That Contribute To Car Rotors Warping

When you're driving and you use your brakes, your steering wheel should not shimmy back and forth as if you're driving during an earthquake. When you apply pressure on your brake pedal, your car should come to a smooth, controlled stop. If you are constantly replacing the rotors on your car because the rotors have warped, there's something happening to overheat the brakes causing the damage. Here, you'll learn about four issues that will result in warped rotors.