4 Facts You Should Know Before Taking Your Vehicle in for Auto Body Repairs

After being involved in a serious accident, getting your vehicle repaired and back on the road again will likely be one of your top priorities. However, before you rush right out to the nearest auto repair shop, there are a few facts that you should know.

Fact #1: Your Auto Insurance Company Cannot Dictate Where Your Vehicle Is Repaired

All insurance companies will maintain a working relationship with different auto body shops in the community. While your insurance carrier will likely recommend that you take your vehicle to one of these shops to be serviced, you should know that this is nothing more than a recommendation. This means that you can choose to make use of the recommendation or ignore it all together if you choose. At the end of the day, no matter what route you choose to take, it will be your choice where your vehicle your vehicle is repaired.

Fact #2: Your Insurance Carrier Cannot Force You to Get Multiple Estimates

There was a time when requiring at least three estimates was common practice in the insurance industry. However, over the years, insurance reform laws have eliminated this practice. Nowadays, insurance companies cannot force you to obtain more than one estimate. Furthermore, if you do choose to obtain more than one estimate, the insurance company cannot force you to choose the auto body shop that offers the lowest estimate.

Fact #3: The Total Amount of Your Repairs May Vary from Your Initial Estimate

When you first take your vehicle in to be serviced, an auto body technician (like those at Superior Paint & Body Services) will look over your vehicle and provide you with what is known as a visual estimate. This estimate includes the cost of repairing all of the damages that the technician can see without taking your vehicle apart. Upon further inspection, it is possible that hidden damage will be found. Repairing this damage will result in additional costs. However, you should know that these additional repairs cannot be completed without the body shop first obtaining your consent.

Fact #4: You Are Responsible for Authorizing All Vehicle Repairs

Even if you plan to use your auto insurance to cover the cost of your collision damage, you will maintain sole responsibility for authorizing any necessary repairs. Consequently, you can choose to complete all of the necessary repairs at once, to complete on the mechanically necessary repairs, or none of the repairs at all. If you choose not to repair your vehicle after receiving the final estimate, you may be able to use any insurance compensation you are entitled to in order to help pay for a replacement vehicle instead.