4 Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Windshield Wipers

You most likely already know that windshield wiper blades are easy to replace and inexpensive, so it's not a major issue when you need to switch them out. However, the wipers themselves are much more difficult and might require a professional. Not only that, if they start to wear down, they could cause damage to your windshield, which would then require glass repairs. Here are some ways to prolong the life of your windshield wipers and keep them running smoothly.

Clean Them Regularly

If you have never cleaned the windshield wipers before, aside from what gets washed when washing your entire car, you're not alone. Many car owners forget that these wipers get a lot of debris and build-up that need to be removed. If this build-up remains, it increases the risk of the rubber wearing down. When you get in your car and notice leaves or pine needles attached to the wipers, go out to the window and remove them. This will keep the debris from collecting and causing premature damage to the wipers. Also lift the wipers and blades when washing your car windows so you can get underneath them.

Turn Off the Wipers

Another important thing to remember is that you should always shut the windshield wipers off before parking your car. When it is raining, you will have them turned on so you can see properly, but you might be leaving them on when you park and turn off your car. It seems harmless, but if it isn't raining when you return to your car, and they start moving on dry windows, it could cause damage to the windshield and the wipers themselves. It is best to remember to turn them off when the rain slows down and before turning off your engine.

Remove Ice and Snow

Another thing that adds to overall wear of the wipers is when snow and ice gets trapped underneath them. If it is currently the winter season and you need to brush snow and scrape ice every morning, don't forget to lift the wipers and scrape ice from underneath them. This does take a few extra minutes, but it will help reduce the wear of the wipers. The snow and ice can cause damage to the wipers if it sits underneath them for too long. 

Make Use of the Defrost Setting

Speaking of the defroster in your car, start using it regularly. You will be able to reduce build-up of snow while driving by keeping it on to melt those bits of snow that would otherwise get caught underneath the wipers. Whenever you have heat turned on, seat the defroster on high to melt any fallen snow that lands on your car. The defroster contains fans, vents, and a blower motor to provide warm air to the windshield. This helps to prevent ice build-up on the windshield and beneath the windshield wipers, as well as removing condensation.

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