Ceramic Over-Coating & How it Can Save Your Car's Paint Job

If you live in an area where the local road department uses salt and coal ash in the winter to keep ice from accumulating on the highways, then it is important that you take steps to prevent damage to your car's clear coat paint layer. This is vital because without protection, the clear coat will become damaged and the underlying metal of your vehicle will form rust.

Thankfully, you can now have your car's paint job protected with a ceramic over-coating. However, for the best results, if your car has any existing body damage, then it will need to be fixed before it can be sprayed with the protectant layer.

If you have not yet heard about the relatively new automotive painting process of ceramic over-coating, here is some further information about the process and how it protects your vehicle from rust:

How Ceramic Over-Coating Protects Your Vehicle from Deicers 

As you drive down the road in the winter and road salt and ash gets thrown up onto your car's paint job, it will eat holes through the clear coat layer. Once the clear coat layer on your vehicle starts to fail, then water and future contact with road salt will begin to degrade the paint job. Having a ceramic over-coating installed on your car will prevent this damage from happening.

Ceramic Over-Coating Basics

Ceramic over-coating is a process where your vehicle is sprayed by very thin, clear layers of a ceramic-based compound by a professional auto body repair shop's painter. The over-coating layer is typically applied using a couple of thin coats that are applied one after the other as the previous layer dries. The over-coating layer will not degrade in the weather and it will not turn yellow from the sun's rays. Ceramic over-coating is relatively inexpensive to have applied, and the actual cost will depend on the area where you live and the size of your vehicle.

How to Care for Your Car After it Has Been Over-Coated

Once your car has been over-coated with the ceramic layers, then all you will need to do is regularly wash and dry your vehicle. Ceramic over-coating negates the need to wax your vehicle as it provides similar yet better protection to your car's paint than waxing even with the best car waxes on the market. However, the ceramic over-coating layer will only last for a few years and then you will need to have it reapplied for the best protection against auto body rust. 

To learn more about over-coating, contact collision repair shops like Lombard Body & Fender Inc.