Are The Police Targeting Your Car? What To Do

If you think that your vehicle has been targeted by the police in your area, and you think that you are being pulled over because the police recognize your vehicle, it may be time to make some changes. It can be easy for officers that work in the same areas on the same shifts to recognize vehicles. You don't have to get a new car to stop people from recognizing your vehicle, but there are some subtle changes that you can make. You'll want to look into doing the following things to change your vehicle.

Subtle Paint Change

If the car is a bright color, this could be one of the problems and why the vehicle is so easy to recognize. Find a company that does auto paint, so you can have the exterior of your vehicle painted. Choosing a popular color like a gray, white, or even black, is an easy way to have your vehicle hidden in traffic among others, so you the police aren't always catching sight of you.

Remove Decals and Tint

If you have really dark tint on any of the windows on the automobile, or if you have any decals, this makes the vehicle stand out, it makes the vehicle very easy to recognize, and you want to have these removed. If you really like the decals you may want to save them until things calm down and you aren't getting pulled over so often, or maybe for another vehicle.

Registration Change

If you have a spouse or parent that wouldn't mind having your vehicle in their name, you may want to have the registration changed for a short period of time. This way you can get a different license plate for the vehicle, and then the title and registration name will come up if an officer scans your plants. This will be time-consuming but is worth it over time.

If you are getting pulled over or you can tell that the police are always following you because of speeding tickets or driving issues you have had in the past, and you think that your vehicle stands out and is part of the problem, you'll want to talk with the auto body experts, like Central Body Company, Inc., to find out what can be done. You also may want to have your name taken off the vehicle until some time passes, and so the police don't target you.