What To Check When Buying A Used Car

If you have been looking for a used car to buy and you think you may have found the right one, then you want to go see it fast; before anyone else is able to get there and by it out from under you! However, just because you want to get to the car fast to look at it doesn't mean you want to hand over your cash and actually buy it too quickly. Here are some car buying tips that you want to make sure to follow:

 Do a preliminary check of the car for yourself

There are some things that you can check out for yourself. Some problems don't take a mechanic to let you know that you should walk away from the deal and continue looking for a good running car.

Make sure all of the lights are in good working order before you go to drive the car, step on the brakes a couple times to make sure they have proper tension and check the seatbelts. You want to know you are test driving a car that's even safe to be in.

Take the car for a test drive and make sure you put it through some different tests. You want to let the car sit idle for a little bit to make sure it doesn't overheat on you. If it does, then it may be a simple problem like the thermostat, or it can be a bit of a larger concern like the radiator.

You also want to drive the car at a slow rate of speed with the window down. Pay attention to the way it feels and whether or not it makes any strange noises or has bad smells coming from it. Step on the gas and breaks every now and again to make sure it does everything smoothly. If the car has problems changing gears then you could be looking at some major transmission issues which can be very expensive.

Take the car on the freeway so you can also see how the car performs at higher speeds. Make sure you shift gears quite a bit and get it up to a good, legal speed. Pay attention to how it handles, sounds and smells.

Look at the condition of the body

If there is a lot of damage to the body of the car then the frame may be affected and this is not good. However, if you make your way around the car and you are only seeing some minor dents, then you may not want to get scared off from purchasing the car too hastily. You can easily take the car in to have the dents repaired and once it is done you will have a fantastic looking car that you may have got a great deal on.

Talk to a body shop, like Corn Paintless Dent Repair, for help.