4 Things That Contribute To Car Rotors Warping

When you're driving and you use your brakes, your steering wheel should not shimmy back and forth as if you're driving during an earthquake. When you apply pressure on your brake pedal, your car should come to a smooth, controlled stop. If you are constantly replacing the rotors on your car because the rotors have warped, there's something happening to overheat the brakes causing the damage. Here, you'll learn about four issues that will result in warped rotors.

Your Driving Technique

This could possibly be the most difficult element to fix – how you drive your car each day. If you're heavy on the brakes, they will get hot. When they get hot, the rotors warp. So, when you're driving, think about the distance between where you are and where you need to stop. Start slowing down sooner and don't drive as fast when you know there's a stop ahead.

The Brake Pads

If the brake pads weren't installed properly, have damage or are warped themselves, the rotors will overheat. Imperfections in the brake pads will cause excess heat much faster. If the pads were recently installed, talk with the mechanic that installed them. Many brake products are backed by a manufacturer's warranty that protects against defects.

The Rotors

Just like the pads, if the rotors are damaged, they will overheat much faster. If the rotors are new and you feel that shimmy soon after they've been installed, talk with the mechanic to learn if they could be replaced due to a defect.

The Calipers

The calipers are the component in the braking system that compress the brake pads against the rotors. As the pads compress, they grip the rotor and bring the car to a stop. Unfortunately, calipers can fail. When this happens, they don't release the pads from the rotors when they should allowing the pads to rest on the rotor and overheat.

If you smell burning brakes when you're driving, the calipers are probably sticking and you'll need to head to a mechanic to have them repaired so that you don't run through the pads and cut into the rotors causing a lot more damage.

Brake problems are never something to ignore. If they aren't working as they should, not only are you putting yourself and your family at risk, but you are also putting the other drivers on the road at risk. Talk with a local mechanic, such as at George's Eastside Shell, for help diagnosing what's going on with your braking system.