3 Reasons To Have Your Work Truck Painted White

If you're going to be having your work truck painted, such as if it's in the shop for auto collision repair anyway or if you have noticed that the paint job is really starting to wear out, you might be looking at your color choices and trying to make up your mind. You can have your truck painted in pretty much any color that you can think of, but of all of the colors, white is often the best choice for work trucks.

1. Make Your Work Truck Look More Professional

Your work truck represents your business. Professionalism is probably important to you, and you want your customers to know that you are serious about operating your business. Choosing a bright, fun color like red might seem like fun, but it might not come across as professionally.

There are reasons why white work trucks and other white work vehicles are so popular, and one of those reasons is that it gives off a professional look. Not only does a white work truck look professional in itself, but it also provides a good backdrop for decals or other promotional materials that you might put on your truck to advertise your business.

2. Keep the Truck Nice and Cool on Hot, Sunny Days

When you're working, you might find yourself getting in and out of your truck a lot. You probably don't want to leave your truck running while you're working because it puts your truck at a greater risk of being stolen and because it wastes fuel, but you might dread getting back into a truck that has been sitting in the hot sun for hours while you've been on the job.

Even though any vehicle is going to be hot when it's been sitting in the hot sun for part of the day, white trucks reflect heat more than vehicles of other colors, particularly darker colors like black. This means that a white work truck might be more comfortable to get into on a hot summer day. Of course, tinting your windows and parking in the shade when possible can help with this as well.

3. Help Disguise Minor Scratches and Imperfections

It's a work truck, so it's probably going to end up with some scratches, dents and dings at some point. Having them repaired promptly to maintain your work truck's professional appearance and prevent rust is important, but it might not always be feasible. This damage will be less obvious on a white vehicle than a darker or brighter colored work truck, though.