Damage After A Car Accident Can Create Interior Functionality Problems

When people think about car accident damage, there is a natural urge to solely focus on the exterior of the vehicle. While the outside of the car is the point of impact and the area most affected, you can also have damage inside your car. When vehicle owners put off collision repair because they think it is solely a cosmetic issue, the interior problems that damage causes can quickly highlight that the damage can also hinder functionality.

Vehicle Entry 

When a vehicle is involved in a side-impact collision, it is not unheard of for the vehicle owner to experience issues with the vehicle entry. Just beneath the surface of the door's exterior is a latching system that locks and unlocks the door. Even in a vehicle with power locks, this mechanism that manually locks and unlocks the door is present. 

When this mechanism is bent, the door will likely be stuck in whatever position it was last in. If the door happened to be locked, it will likely mean that the vehicle owner will be unable to open the door. 

Convenience Features

Not only is the locking mechanism installed within the door panel, but the systems that allow you to roll your window up and down and even control your side mirrors are also located inside this area. Again, damage to the door can damage these systems and, as a result, make it impossible for you to roll your window up and down.

If the impact is on the driver's side, you may also be unable to operate your side mirror function, which can create a serious safety issue if you cannot adjust the mirrors so that you can see clearly. 

Heating and Cooling

It does not matter if it is the heating or cooling system, during certain times of the year, it is vital that you have access to these systems to stay comfortable inside your car. Did you know that accident damage can sometimes cause issues with these systems?

Although the climate-controlled air flows through your vent, the system that delivers the air has a serious of connections that flow throughout your vehicle. If the point of impact on your vehicle happens to coincide with one of these connection points, your heating and cooling systems will not work correctly. 

It does not matter if you have exterior and interior damage to your vehicle after an accident, it is important to have the damage assessed and repaired by a professional as soon as possible.