Choosing And Using Custom Vinyl Graphics

If you've decided to invest in custom graphics, it's important that you make sure your investment will last. When it comes to putting vinyl graphics on a car, motocross bike, or any other vehicle, there are some important considerations. This is a look at a few of the things you need to know to help ensure your vinyl graphics last and they stand up to the demand that you put them through.  These guidelines are valid whether they are car graphics or motocross graphics you will be applying..

Start With The Right Vinyl

The first step toward getting vinyl graphics that you can rely on is choosing the right supplier. Look for a company that specializes in custom graphics for your application. After all, graphics applied to a daily driver vehicle won't be under quite the same level of demand as those applied to a motocross bike that will see all sorts of mud and other mess on the track every week. Talk with your vinyl supplier about the application you have in mind to be sure that you get the right vinyl product for your needs.

Apply The Vinyl Properly

Investing in custom vinyl graphics isn't going to matter much if you don't apply them correctly. Some vinyl products need a dry application while others must be applied wet. Make sure you know what your vinyl product requires. If you aren't sure, reach out to your supplier for more information.

Clean the surface that you'll be applying the vinyl to. Use a mild degreasing detergent first, then wipe the whole area down with vinegar. Rinse it completely to remove any vinegar residue, and then you can proceed with your vinyl application. It's important that your detergent has a degreaser because you'll have to remove any oil, wax, or other residues from the vehicle before applying your vinyl.

Hand Wash Your Vinyl

Once you've applied vinyl decals on your motocross bike or car, it's important that you remember to wash the vehicle carefully. Don't use pressure washers and don't run it through an automatic car wash.  Opt for hand-washing instead. This ensures that you don't subject the decals to any unnecessary pressure or surface abuse that could deteriorate it or cause it to come loose.

Custom graphics are a great way to advertise your sponsors and show your personality, but only if you do it right. Low-quality graphics won't look the way you want them to, nor will they last. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that you get the right graphics and take proper care of them.