Signs Of A Good Auto Body Shop

When you get in an accident or something else happens that causes damage to your vehicle, it's a stressful experience. You can bring your car to an auto body shop, and they'll make repairs to make your car look good as new, but there are a few things you should consider before choosing a shop. If you choose the wrong place, you could spend more than you should, or the repair job could be done incorrectly and not last very long.

Here are some things you should look for to identify a good auto body shop: 

Appropriate Certifications

Based on their location, body shops and their employees must have specific certifications to prove that the business is doing things the right way and their staff is trained to do their jobs correctly. You should find out what credentials are required where you live and ensure that the body shop you choose has them. Some places will even have certifications that aren't needed but show that they go above and beyond.

Nice Facility

One sign of a good body shop that might seem obvious but is still essential is its appearance. It should be in a decent building that isn't falling apart, and everything should be relatively organized inside. If they don't take pride in their facility, they likely won't in their work either.

Friendly, Helpful Staff

The staff at a body shop may be busy, so they won't have much time for small talk that you'd expect from a retail store, but they should still be courteous and helpful. If you encounter a shop where the staff is rude and unhelpful, it's a sign that the entire operation is flawed, and you should look elsewhere.


A busy body shop means that other people chose them over other places, and they likely do a good job. If they didn't, people would figure it out after a while and stop giving them their business. Therefore, it's a good sign if you need to schedule an appointment for repairs and they're constantly working on cars throughout the day. 

Warranties on Their Work

A good auto body shop will offer warranties on their work because they know that they do their repairs correctly, and everything will stay intact for a long time. If you encounter a shop that doesn't offer warranties on their work, it means they don't trust themselves to fix your car correctly, and you should look elsewhere.

Contact a local auto body shop to learn more.