About Hail Damages And Repair Options For Your Car

There are a lot of concerns you have when you own a car, but you learn to deal with these concerns because having a car is worth the worries for all the positive things they bring to your life. One thing you may not give much thought to is hail, and ironically, a hail storm can wreak havoc on your car and leave you with a car that has a lot of damage.

What To Look For When Buying A Classic Car As An Investment

Buying a car as a future investment may seem counterintuitive. After all, most new cars lose a significant portion of their value as soon as you drive them off the dealer's lot. That value only continues to drop as you put more miles on the car. However, some collectible cars appreciate drastically over time. For example, there is a multitude of entry-level American muscle cars from the 1960s that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars today.

Need Auto Body Repair? Tips To Help You Get It On A Budget

Riding around in a damaged car is rarely something that anyone looks forward to. It's especially tough if your car used to be immaculate but has been dented or dinged in some way. If you caused the damage yourself, you probably hesitate to contact the insurance company for fear that your rates will go up. You need to get your auto body repaired but don't want to spend an arm and a leg on it.

A Look At Auto Body Service Credentials And What They Mean

A car can be almost like an appendage; you use it to function in your everyday life. Therefore, when your car is damaged, you will want to get it in for autobody repairs as fast as possible, and you will want the job done right. When you start checking around online and scoping out auto body shops in your area, you will see most of them have a lot of credentials and certifications listed on their websites.

Should You Fix Your Old Car's Windshield?

You have an older car with a cracked or broken windshield. You don't want to put much money into your older vehicle, but you also don't want to drive around with a compromised windshield. Is the windshield worth fixing? Use this guide to help you, and your auto detailer or mechanic will give you an estimate for how much your costs will be. Your crack or chip is large A large crack or chip, particularly one that blocks your main line of vision, can be dangerous.